Bad Boy by Stephen Gray (3 stars)

Michael and Mac are very close friends – almost like brothers.  They grew up together and trusted each other.  Or at least they thought each are as trustworthy as the other.
They became Lloyd’s brokers for competing firms but this did not get in the way of their friendship.  Money as they say is the root of all evil.  The lucrative business opportunities knocked and Mac will do everything possible to have his piece of the cake and eat it.  However, he will not be able to pull this off by himself.  He needs Michael.
Michael, on the other hand, is known as an honest & conscientius broker.  He disapproves of practices which are not open to shareholders. He is however quite naive and trusting of his mates. He also has his own issues; his rage is icy and deadly.
They will pit their skills against other established Lloyd’s syndicate and reinsurers to achieve their most ambitious goal, to establish their own Lloyd’s syndicate.
Disclaimer: I myself am an underwriter (ie. working within the insurance industry) and am an authorised agent under a binder for a couple of Lloyd’s syndicates which, I supposed, help me to understand this book a little better than the lay person and therefore liked it.

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