Pescador’s Wake by Katherine Johnson (4 stars)

The Pescador is seen to be illegally fishing in Australian waters. An Australian patrol vessel, the Australis, was then sent to capture the Pescador at all cost. Thus begins a most dangerous chase through storms, icebergs, and the many dangers of the sea.


The story revolves around Carlos and Dave, captains of opposing ships, and the people around them.  Carlos commands the respect of his crew and is concerned for the future of his family.  He has risked everything to be able to provide a better future for his children.  Julia, his wife, is pregnant with their second son but after 2 miscarriages, they are wary of a third.


Dave lost his only son to a car accident nearly 2 years ago.  He and his wife, Margie, are still living and feeling this lost everyday of their lives. They cannot lose one another yet.


This novel highlights the vastness and power of the sea, of nature.  And yet it is also fragile and subject to our cares.  It’s a story of loyalty, friendship, love, and the preciousness of life.


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