The Two Pearls of Wisdom by Alison Goodman (5 stars)

This books fits perfectly within my favorite genre / types of writing / story.
Eona is a 16 year old crippled girl.  Definitely not a possible candidate for an Apprentice Dragoneye. In a world of men and political intrigue, Eona becomes Eon, 12 year old crippled boy eunuch, who was chosen to be an Apprentice Dargoneye. Embroiled in a struggle for power, she is seen as a powerful figure on whom all hopes of peace rests. The seat of power currently does not belong to the Pearl Emperor who is dying whilst his brother, Prince Sethon, is planning to usurped the throne with the help of the Rat Dragoneye Ascendant, Lord Ido. Will Eon / Eona be as strong as the people hope for, for the success in overthrowing Prince Sethon’s plans?
The rich descriptions of the people (cultures, dress, & speak), the surroundings, and the food brings this kingdom to life. The descriptions of the dragons are so vivid that I feel I can just reach out and touch them. An awesome book and I really cannot wait for the next installment.

Would love to hear your thoughts...

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