The Ghost Writer by John Harwood (3 stars)

I feel the book was a little bit slow to begin with but on second thought it reflects the idyllic life he’s leading (normal with nothing to exciting to report).  However, I couldn’t put it down on the second half because I really really want to know what’s going on and what will happen next.  The twist at the end is truly unexpected.
Due to an overprotective mother, Gerard rarely ever leaves home except for school and such. He’s longing for a friend he could share his thoughts with. One day, a letter from Penfriend International came and he cannot resist this.  He wished for a penfriend from England, specifically Staplefield, where his mother was from. His mother refused to speak of the past and was furious when she caught Gerard looking through her things looking exactly at what she will not speak of, his grandmother’s ghost stories.
The story spans over 22 years of Gerard’s life in his effort unravel his mother’s past and his longing for a relationship (albeit long distance) with his invisible lover, Alice.

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